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Benefits of Beard Oil: Breaking Down the Advantages

Beard oil is a relatively new men’s grooming product that has become popular in recent years.

Below we will expand on beard oil ingredients and their key benefits.

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Here’s What’s in Most Beard Oils

Beard oil is made from carrier oils and essential oils. 

What are carrier oils and their key benefits in beard oil?

Most of the benefits from beard oil are derived from the carrier oils, which make up approximately 98 to 99% of any given beard oil.

Carrier oils used in beard oil vary from one bottle to another.  However, common carrier oils include jojoba oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil.  These oils can be found in many other natural grooming products such as shampoo, soap, and more.  These oils are mild on the skin and are lightly scented.  

Carrier oils supplement the sebum oil your skin naturally produces.  When applied repeatedly, a carrier oil acts as a lotion for your skin and facial hair to prevent dryness or itchiness.  As carrier oil coats your facial hair, it can make your beard feel softer.

Do essential oils provide any benefits?

Essential oils a natural fragrance added to beard oil.  Essential oils are derived from plants, seeds, nuts, etc.  

Scents of essential oils vary greatly.  Some beard oils will have a woodsy smell, while others can have a vanilla cinnamon scent.  

Virtually all skincare benefits of essential oils are not scientifically proven.  Applying essential oil directly to your skin will likely lead to irritation or a rash (source).  You must dilute essential oils with a carrier oil.  

Avoid these beard oils

If a beard oil doesn’t list its ingredients, then it is likely using chemical fillers such as silicone.  Avoid these types of beard oils as they are not effective at conditioning your beard.  Additionally, if a beard oil doesn’t state the country of origin, consider skipping on it as well.

Lastly, many beard oils adhere to the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients (INCI).  INCI means that companies use the botanical name for the ingredients.  A quick Google search can help you translate if uncertain (ex: Simmondsia Chinensis is jojoba oil).

Making beard oil

Given the limited amount of ingredients, beard oil is an easy grooming product to make at home and save money.  Check out our guide on making beard oil if you want to learn more.

Beard Oil Stops Beard Itch and Beard Dandruff

Most men grow a beard during the winter months or for special occasions such as No-Shave November.  During this time of year, humidity is significantly lower, leading to dry conditions.  When the air is dry, the skin beneath your beard will begin to feel itchy.  

Repeatedly itching your beard, in some instances, will cause beard dandruff (also known as beardruff) to occur.  

Like lip balm for your mouth or lotion for your hands, beard oil acts as a protective barrier to your skin.  It will help to retain moisture and alleviate dry skin.

The Fragrance of Beard Oil

While many beard oils are strongly scented, the natural fragrance will begin to dissipate within an hour or two of application.  The scents of beard oils vary widely and can be welcoming, refreshing, woodsy, etc.

Beard oil is a great natural substitute for popular grooming products such as solid cologne or body spray.    

Maintaining Your Beard Better with Beard Oil

When you diligently apply beard oil, your beard will become a bit more maintained and less tangled.

Therefore, if your beard feels a bit scraggly or straw-like, regular application of beard oil will help make it feel much softer.

This regular use of beard oil will also help with the reduction of split-ends occurring.  If you take your beard-growing seriously, the decrease in split-ends will be good news as you won’t have to trim your beard nearly as often.

In addition to the feel of your beard, the general appearance will also improve with the introduction of beard oil.  Your beard will appear shinier and healthier.

Where Do I Get Beard Oil?

You can find beard oil at your local drugstore or grocery store in the beauty section.  

Beard oil is also widely available online at large online stores such as Amazon and Walmart and more boutique offerings like Etsy or Huckberry.  Additionally, many beard care companies also sell their products direct.

While The Benefits of Beard Oil Are Vast, What About Beard Balm?

Beard balm is an excellent alternative to beard oil.  Beard balm contains both carrier and essential oils along with butter and beeswax.  The additional ingredients found in beard balm make it a much more effective conditioner.  

Beard balm is available in a solid form, which makes transportation and application a bit easier.  We wrote a guide comparing beard oil and beard balm in detail if you want to learn more.

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